Why Pinewood?

Pine wood is a strong and very versatile timber, that is widely used for a range of structural and decorative applications including framing, lining, glue laminated beams, veneer and plywood. When appropriately treated, it can be used in many exposed structural and non‐structural applications. It is easily treated and light, while still having good bending and strength properties.

Other features of Pinewood are:

  • Good finish when cut and sanded
  • Easy to nail with good nail holding capacity
  • Paint and other coatings dry to a good finish
  • Little 'resin bleeding' once dried
  • Machines well and compares favourably with a variety of other traded timbers

Pines are evergreen trees and are a renewable resource; therefore pinewood is cheaper than other varieties of wood and also available in abundance.

Wooden Houses

We provide high end Kiln Dried Timber of various sizes for making frames, beam building frames, columns, walls and flooring. We are reputed service provider who are able to give best in quality of our customers dream wooden home.