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Logs and Sawn Timber


Tirupati Tradelinks (P) Ltd. is a renowned supplier of Pinewood timber that is imported from New Zealand, Europe and U.S.A.. Consequently, we are acknowledged as one of the most prominent Pine wood Logs Importers in India.

The following species of Pinewood logs are imported by us:

  • New Zealand - Radiata Pine Logs
  • Europe - Spruce and Silvestris Pine Logs
  • U.S.A. - SYP Pine Logs


We at Tirupati Tradelinks (P) Ltd. provide Sawn Timber to our customers in desired size. Sawn Timber is timber that is cut from logs into different sizes. It is generally cut into varying rectangular widths and lengths.

Structural timber and many appearance products are cut by Backsawn method. With backsawn timber, the long face of each board is close to a tangential face, and the short face is close to a radial face. Growth rings are parallel to the long edge and the wide face does not intersect many growth rings.

The advantages of back sawn timber include:

  • Seasons more rapidly
  • Good figure on face
  • Less prone to splitting when nailing
  • Wide sections possible
  • Few knots on edge

The disadvantages of back sawn timber include:

  • Shrink more across width when drying
  • More likely to warp and cup